Dynamic DNS

The ‘dns-me’ service allows users to connect directly to a smart-me device without knowing its IP address. If the ‘DNS address’ is enabled for a smart-me device, its local or public IP address is automatically assigned to a DNS name (e.g. smart-me_123456.dns-me.com).

smart-me uses the dns-me.com service for this purpose.

Enabling dynamic DNS

  1. Log into the smart-me website or the smart-me app.

  2. Select the desired device.

  3. Click on ‘Edit’.

  4. Activate ‘Enable DNS’ under ‘Advanced settings’.

You can select the device’s public IP address or internal IP address as the address:

Public IP
The public IP address is used. This is usually your router’s IP address.

Internal IP
This is the smart-me device’s local IP address. It can be used to access the smart-me device, with Modbus TCP for instance, if you are in the same network. This function is not supported by all devices.