Meter Transactions

Beta: Meter transactions are time-limited and digitally signed drawings of measured values, which can be billed for themselves. An ideal use case is charging processes for e-mobility.

You can find more information on public key signing here.

E-charging station application

The smart-me meter (version 2) is installed in the charging station. The digital output of the meter is connected directly to the charge controller and can thus start and stop the charge. The display of the meter and the calibration mark can be seen on the front of the charging station.

Charging procedure

1. The charging process is started (e.g. via an app). The "Start Transaction" command is sent to the meter. It starts a new transaction and activates the charging station. The display changes from the rolling display of the meter readings to the display of the transaction. The consumption of the transaction starts at 0 kWh and counts up according to the consumption.

2. The user can see the current charging power and the energy already drawn on the display.

3. The charging process is ended (e.g. via the app). The meter is sent the command "End Transaction". It ends the transaction, signs it and sends the transaction data and the digital signature to the cloud. The user is shown on the display for 5min that the charging process has been completed.

Checking the charging process afterwards

The customer can check the amount of energy charged at any time after the charging process. To do this, he enters the corresponding transaction in the app or on the web and checks it with the public key of the meter. The public keys of all smart-me meters are publicly available in the smart-me cloud (or via API).

The transaction data can be verified online with the signature and the public key.