The visualizations are created in a folder. To see the visualization you need to click on the folder in the app or the desktop interface.

To create a customized visualization, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in on the smart-me website
  2. Click on the top right on "Configuration"
  3. Click on "Meter Config"
  4. Choose a folder (or create a new one)
  5. Click on "Edit" next to Visualisations
  6. Choose from the drop down list of visualisations. Depending on the type, you will need to chose one or multiple meters.


This is a non-comprehensive list of possible visualizations.

Energy Flow (simple)

Shows the flow of energy between the building, its solar system and the public grid. Two meters are mandatory, the third is calculated automatically.

Electricity / Heat / Water view

Shows the electricity, heat and water consumption in an apartment. Moreover, the apartments can be compared to each other over the last 30 days respectively 365 days.

Own Consumption and Self-Sufficiency

It shows the self-consumption level and level of autonomy of a building. The values are calculated from the PV meter and the balance meter.

Own consumption rate: How much of the solar energy is consumed directly in the house

Self-Sufficiency: How much of the total consumption is produced by the solar system.

Attention: The main counter must not be a virtual counter!

House with multiple producers and consumers

Up to ten producers respectively consumers can be visualized. Either the current power (now) or the consumption data of the last 30 or 365 day is shown.

Production and consumption monitoring

Shows where the produced energy is used (in-house or exported to the grid) and from where the consumed energy come from (solar or from grid)

This is clearly shown as a percentage figure and as a graphic.

Attention: at the moment this visualisation only works with smart-me meters and the smart-me Kamstrup module

Looking for a different kind of visualization?

Please contact us if you have a specific idea on how to display your data! We are constantly improving our visualization tool.