Auto Export

You can export your data automatically into another system. This requires a Professional subscription.


To use Auto Export, you must purchase a smart-me Professional License.


Define the following key elements:

Meter point ID Defines the ID. This is used in some export formats such as MSCONS.

Meter or Folder Chose the meter or file of which the data should be exported.

Export format Define the export format.

Upload type Define the upload type.

Export interval Chose how often your date should be uploaded.

Last export Date of the next export of data. If the date is in the past, all data up to now will be exported.

Currently these export formats are available:

mscons 2.2e: mscons (Metered Services Consumption report message) version 2.2e.

IS-E: "innosolv Energie" System by Innosolv Inc

CSV: Export to CSV format, which can be processed with Excel. The export of meter values with the following Obis codes is supported:

Obis Code

1-0:1.8.0*255: Active Energy Total Import

1-0:1.8.1*255: Active Energy Tariff 1 Import

1-0:1.8.2*255: Active Energy Tariff 2 Import

1-0:2.8.0*255: Active Energy Total Export

1-0:2.8.1*255: Active Energy Tariff 1 Export

1-0:2.8.2*255: Active Energy Tariff 2 Export

1-1:5.8.0*255: Reactive Energy Q1

1-1:6.8.0*255: Reactive Energy Q2

1-1:7.8.0*255: Reactive Energy Q3

1-1:8.8.0*255: Reactive Energy Q4

Upload Type

Currently these upload types are available:

FTP FTP Upload (unencrypted ).

FTPs Encrypted FTP Upload.

sFTP (with Key File) Encrypted FTP Upload. Key files are used instead of a password.