Billing Export for LIVIS Software


You need a smart-me Professional subscription to be able to create energy cost bills.

LIVIS Software:

The billing function offers the possibility to transfer service charge statements from the smart-me platform to the LIVIS software. The values are given exclusively in per mille, vacancies are also handled. To transfer the data, proceed as follows:

1. You create an "import.txt" file in LIVIS over a defined period of time for the desired objects.

2. The billing must be configured in such a way that an assignment can be made from the smart-me system to the entries in the "import.txt" file. For this, the "property no." and the "object no." must be known. These are specified in the "import.txt" file, among other things.

3. On the smart-me platform, select "Configuration -> Create invoice -> Configuration" and navigate to the property in question. At the bottom you will find a section with the heading "Assign external keys". Now assign an external key to each individual object. The key is composed of the "property no." and "object no." defined in LIVIS. They are strung together without separators.


The property no. is: TestliegenschaftNr01

The object no. is: TestobjektNr01

This results in the external key: TestliegenschaftNr01TestobjektNr01

4. The export can now be carried out. To do this, select "Configuration -> Create invoice -> Export". A separate "import.txt" file must be selected for each energy type. These files must not have the same name. For example, use "NK_Import_Strom.txt" for electricity. Then press the button "Export". Exporting can take some time, depending on the number of objects and the time period of the billing. When the export is successfully completed, the button "Download" becomes active and the zip archive with the statements and the text file filled with per mil values can be downloaded.