Billing Problems?


You need a smart-me Professional subscription to be able to create energy bills.

Problem: The calculation does not start

Possible causes:

  • The solar or battery tariff either has no meters or has folders instead of meters. Check whether meters are stored in the solar and battery tariff.

  • All tariffs are conditional (if/then actions for HT and NT) and none is ever valid.

Problem: The virtual tarifs do not match the total consumption

Possible causes:

  • A meter relevant to billing is offline and thus stops the calculation. Try to bring the meter back online so that the calculation can continue.

  • A meter was billed above or below 100% (e.g.: The general meter is divided among the billing units on a percentage basis and also 100% in the general folder, so it is billed at 200%).

  • Not all necessary meters were assigned to the solar or battery tariff during tariff configuration.

  • The calculation of the billing has not yet been completed and the bill has already been generated. The "last calculated values" must show the current date.

  • The configuration was changed (e.g. folder structure, tariffs, etc.) and "recalculate" was not clicked.

  • The conditions of the tariffs overlap (i.e. are active at the same time) and the system does not know which tariff it should now assign the values to.

  • The tariffs do not cover the entire period and there is energy that cannot be allocated to any tariff. This usually happens when there is no normal tariff without a condition.

Problem: Invoices are generated empty or not at all.

Possible causes:

  • No valid billing address was stored for the corresponding billing unit (note the time period) -> our system otherwise assumes that no tenant lives in the flat and accordingly does not generate a bill.

  • No meters for billing were assigned to the billing unit.

  • The folder structure is incorrect (more than 2-level: property - billing unit (tenant)).

  • For virtual tariffs: The tariffs are not valid in the desired billing period (adjust the tariff period if necessary).

Problem: The calculation does start at a much later date then the installation

Possible cause:

  • A new counter has been added which is at the first position in the folder structure -> Set the new counter to another position by changing the name (the counters are sorted alphabetically). The date of the first counter in the folder structure is relevant for the start time of the calculation.

Problem: The calculation is stuck at a specific date.

  • Possible causes:

  • A meter relevant for billing has not sent any data (check the last connection of the meters and bring it back online).

  • Incorrect meters are stored for the tariff (e.g. meters from another property).