Connection Problems?

All smart-me devices require a WiFi network that has an internet connection. If this is not the case, you will receive an error message during installation. This means that the connection from the smartphone to the smart-me device works, but the device could not be connected to the smart-me Cloud.
Below you can see some causes of the problem and how you can fix them.

Cause: Incorrect password

The smart-me device cannot connect to the WLAN network if the password entered is incorrect. Check that there is no typing error in the password.


  • Click on Show password to check the password.

Cause: WiFi frequency

The smart-me devices only support 2.4GHz WLAN networks, 5 GHz networks are not supported.


  • Most WLAN routers that can create 5GHz networks also support 2.4GHz. So you only need to change the setting of the router.

Cause: Router connection

It may happen that the smart-me device does not receive an IP address from your WLAN router.


  • Restart the WLAN router (switch it off and on again).

  • The router must be set as a DHCP server (this is the case by default).

Cause: Internet connection

It is possible that the selected WLAN does not have an Internet connection. In this case, the smart-me device can connect to the network, but not to the internet and therefore not to the cloud.


  • If multiple networks are available, make sure you connect the smart-me device to the correct network.

  • Use another device (e.g. your smartphone) to check whether this network has an Internet connection.
    Note: Make sure that you are using the same network.

Cause: Firewall

Normally, no special settings need to be made for the firewall. However, if it is set very strictly, it is worth checking the following points.

  • smart-me devices require port 80 UDP (outgoing only) and port 53 UDP for DNS. It must therefore be ensured that these are open.

  • It may be that all devices that want to use the network must be explicitly released. If this is the case, this must also be done for our devices. In the FAQ you will find instructions on how to read out the MAC address of our devices.

Checking the WLAN network

To ensure that your WLAN network is working, the smart-me connection tester app (for Android only) can be used.

The app checks the following things:

  • Signal strength

  • The frequency of the WLAN (2.4GHz or 5GHz)

  • Whether a connection to the smart-me server is possible (Is port 80UDP open? Is a firewall blocking?).