Connection Problems?

All smart-me devices require a WiFi network with an internet connection. If the WiFi network is not connected to the internet, will you receive an error message.

This means that the connection from the smartphone to the smart-me device is working, but could not connect to our smart-me cloud.

Cause of the problem: password

This problem arises when the smart-me device cannot establish a connection to the WLAN network. You should therefore check that there are no errors in the password.


  • Click on ‘Show password’ to check the password.

Cause of the problem: WiFi frequency

Our smart-me devices only support 2.4 GHz WLAN networks. 5 GHz networks are not supported.


  • Practically all WLAN routers that can create 5 GHz networks also support 2.4 GHz. So here you only need to adjust the router setting.

Cause of the problem: router connection

It may be that the plug is not receiving the IP address from your WLAN router.


  • Restart the WLAN router (switch it off and back on again)
  • The router must be set as a DHCP server. (Default setting)

Cause of problem: internet connection

The plug may be connected to the WLAN, but the same message will be displayed if it does not have an internet connection. Here, too, it is not possible to connect to the smart-me cloud.


  • If multiple networks are available, make sure you connect the plug to the correct network.
  • Use another device (e.g. your smartphone) to check whether this network has an internet connection -> make sure you are using the same network.

Cause of the problem: firewall

You actually don’t have to make any special settings for the firewall. However, if the firewall has very strict settings, it is worth checking the following points.

  • Generally we only need the 80 UDP port (outgoing only). You will therefore need to check that it is open
  • Naturally it may also be that any device wishing use the network has to be explicitly approved. If this is the case, you will need to approve our devices too. In the FAQs, you will find a manual on how to read the MAC address for our devices.

Checking the WLAN network

You can use the smart-me connection tester app to make sure that your WLAN network is working.

The app checks the following:

  • Signal strength
  • The WLAN frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)
  • Whether it is possible to connect to the smart-me server (whether the 80 UDP port is open, or blocked by a firewall)

Please note that this app is only available on the Android platform.