Where can I change my login password?

To change your login password, go to and log in using your existing user account. Click on your user name (in the top left-hand corner) and select ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Change password’ for the ‘Web user’.

If you don’t remember your password, you can reset it using the ‘Forgotten password’ function. However, for this function to work, a valid email address must have been used when creating the account.

How can I group devices?

To group devices (e.g. to switch multiple devices on/off at the same time) go to and log in with your user name. In the menu (at the top) select ‘Configuration’ and then ‘Configure meter’. Now you can create folders and subfolders. Simply drag a device into a folder to add it to the folder.

smart-me devices

What WiFi standards are supported?

The smart-me device supports 802.11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHz.

5 GHz networks are not supported.

What ports have to be open?

The smart-me device only requires the 80 UDP port. (this is also required for surfing the internet).

Is the energy and power measurement accurate?

Of course it is! This is without a doubt one of the most accurate energy and power meters available. We guarantee a maximum error rate of 1% over the entire metering range (0.1–3,680 W). Each device is calibrated during production for maximum accuracy.

Will the settings and meter readings be saved if the power fails?

Yes, the device stores all settings and values in the event of a power failure. When the power is restored, the device reconnects to the WiFi and everything is as it was before the power failed.

Can I use my device in multiple WiFi networks?

Yes, the smart-me device stores up to six different WiFi networks. You only need to install it once on each network, then the device will always automatically select the network with the best wireless connection.

How much data traffic does a smart-me device generate?

On average, the data volume is 50 MB per month, per meter. If the meter is accessed frequently, the data volume can be as much as 150 MB/month.

With the three-phase meter (and the single-phase meter with LCD), you can change the internal upload, which affects the required data traffic. To change the guideline values:

  • At 60 s: 50 MB/month

  • At 30 s: 71 MB/month

  • At 10 s: 153 MB/month

  • At 5 s: 279 MB/month

  • At 1 s: 1,279 MB/month

Can I reset the meter to 0?

No; to date this has not been an option.

What is the power factor reading?

The power factor is the amount of active power relative to apparent power. This value is between 0 and 1.

  • If only reactive energy is consumed (for inductive loads such as motors or transformers), the power factor is 0.

  • If only active energy is consumed (with resistive loads such as incandescent bulbs or heaters), the power factor is 1.

How do I find the MAC address for my smart-me device?

To get a MAC address smart-me device’s you need to access the device itself or its ‘website’. This example shows a smart-me plug, but the principle is the same for all smart-me devices.

  • Hold down the button on the plug for 10 seconds

    • The plug’s light alternates between orange and green

  • Connect your laptop/tablet to the WLAN for the smart-me device

    • The WLAN name is smartme_XXXXXX, where X is your smart-me device’s serial number

  • Open your laptop/tablet browser and go to the page

Partner products

How do I connect a smart-me partner product to the smart-me cloud?

  • You will find a manual on our website

My data isn’t being transferred. How do I fix this error?

  • Port 21 must be open. -> If a firewall is in use, make sure that port 21 is not blocked.

  • There may be problems with breaking down the server address ( If so, replace this entry with the IP address (for ‘FTP configuration’ – ‘Server’ – replace with or


Is the connection secure?

Yes. Not only is the WiFi connection encrypted; all data sent from or to the smart-me device is encrypted too. Each device uses an individual password for maximum security.

Where is the WiFi password stored?

The WiFi password is only stored on the smart-me device. It is never transferred to a server.

How can I delete the stored WiFi information?

As mentioned before, the WiFi information is stored on the device itself. Therefore you will need to access the device itself. To do this follow the instructions under ‘How do I find my the MAC address for my smart-me device?’.