Problems with Billing?

Problem: The calculation does never start

Possible reasons:

  • The solar or battery tariffs do not have relevant meters defined or have folders defined instead

  • The available tarifs are all based on a If/Then action and the actions are never true


  • Please check if the solar and battery tariffs are equiped with the relevant meters in the configuration (PV meter, battery meter, total consumption meter)

  • Double check the If/Then actions if they are logic and if in any time frame one or the other is valid.

Problem: The virtual tarifs do not match the total consumption

Possible reasons:

  • The existing counters have been billed to more than 100% , for example the public counter has been billed to 100% to public and in addition also to the tenants with 10%.

This leads to 110% of total billed consumption. Check the tenant accounts and change to a total of 100%.

  • In the tarif configuration a relevant counter has not been properly chosen. Solar tarif needs the total consumption counter and the PV counter to work.

Problem: Bills are always empty

Possible reasons:

  • In the billing folders there is no billing adress with a valid date configured. The system asumes there is currently no tenant in the flat to be billed.

  • In the folder configuration of the tenant there is no counter chosen to be billed.

  • The folder structure is too deep. The system only works with 2-stage folder structures for billing.

Main folder - Tenant folder

Problem: The calculation does start at a much later date then the installation

Possible reasons:

  • A new counter has been integrated much later then the others and is placed as the first counter in the structure. Please move the counter to another place in the structure, so a longer installed counter is the first in the folder structure. The calculation time is defined by the first counter shown in the structure. You can use ABC or numbers in the counter names to move.

Problem: The calculation just stops at a date and does not move forward

Possible reasons:

  • A relevant counter does not offer data from the stop date (Please check if the counters are all online and bring the once online which are not)

  • There are the wrong counters used in a tarif, for instance you have two seperate billings in one account and chose the wrong PV counter for the additional Billing.