Current Transformers for Telstar CT

Important note:
None of these accessories is supplied by smart-me, please follow the links to order from the certain distributors or manufacturers.

A wide variety of current transformers can be used with the Telstar CT.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Current transformer ratio: 1: 1 to 20,000: 1 or 5: 5 to 20,000: 5

  • Output current: 1A or 5A

  • Output power: at least 1VA or higher

  • Type: open or closed

  • Accuracy class: 1 or better

For billing purposes:

  • For billing purposes, calibrated converters are required and must meet at least class 0.5 or better. This is achieved "almost" exclusively with closed type current transformers.

open current transformer


Optec Stromsensoren


  • RX- Serien clamp on type

  • KUW-Serien (clamp on)

  • SC-CT-Serien (clamp on)

Possible place to order:

  • Optec online shop

closed current transformer


Optec Stromsensoren


  • RX-Serien clossed types

Possible place to order:

  • Optec online shop

calibrated closed current transformer


Pfiffner TGH / TGK Series


  • TGH1 / TGK1 Series

  • TSC 1-8 Series

Possible place to order:

  • Pfiffner Messwandler directly

Contact: Herr Samuel Gloor
Tel: 062 739 29 19

Calibration for billing:

The calibration must be asked when ordered to ensure they will carry the certificate!

Downloads Optec and Pfiffner


Other accessories


CT Disconnect Terminals

To easily replace a meter without redoing all the connections a disconnect terminal can be of great help.

They are able to shortcut the CT outputs easily to not damage them while replacing the meter.

For DIN mounting the Phoenix contact PTME 4 is an option.


Possible place to order: