Digital Inputs

The smart-me meter have an input which can either be used as a tariff input or as a normal digital input. Ex works this input is defined as tariff input.

Configuration as a digital input

If the input is defined as a digital input, it can be used as an event to control other devices or alarms. To configure an input as a digital input, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to the smart-me website or to the smart-me app

  2. Select a meter and click on "edit".

  3. Click on "inputs and outputs" and select the input as a "digital input"

    • Now, you can give the input a name.

    • You can define a text, which should be showed when the input is "on" or "off".

  4. You see the digital input and its status in the smart-me app and on smart-me website.

Using the digital input for actions

You can use the digital input for switching other devices or sending alerts. This can be defined on the If / Then Actions with the "If-action" switching state.