If / Then Action


IF-THEN Action are available for users with a Professional or Limited Subscription.

Each smart-me device in your account can be used to automatically control energy flows. There are two options to automatically control energy flows:

  • Event-related Actions are independent from an internet connection. However, the complexity of the Event-related Actions is restricted.

  • IF-THEN Actions provide a wider range of possibilities. However, they are dependent on an internet connection.

Event-related actions

The Event-related Actions do not depend on a Wifi connection. Up to 16 Event-related Actions can be saved on the Plug and Single Phase Meter. They can be created in the smart-me app or on the smart-me website. Event-related actions are caused by a single event (trigger). Possible triggers for Event-related Actions are:

  • Temperature below/above x

  • Power lower/higher than x

  • Time

  • Only for the Plug: Push of the button

Possible actions:

  • Alarm message (email)

  • Switch on/off current of the device itself or a different device

Create Event-realated action

Event actions can be created in the app or web portal.


  1. Log in to your smart-me user account

  2. Choose a plug or a meter

  3. Now click on the gear on the upper right edge

  4. Click "Event Actions" - "Add Event Action"


  1. Log in to the weblogin

  2. Click on the desired counter

  3. Click on "Edit" on the right

  4. Click Add Event Action

  5. Define event action

Now event actions can be defined (up to 16). For this, three settings must be made:

Event -> As soon as this happens, the action is triggered

Action -> Defines what should be done when the event occurs

Name -> The name of the event action

IF-THEN Actions

An unlimited number of IF-THEN Actions can be defined. Since the IF-THEN Actions are saved on the Cloud, the device needs to have a working WiFi connection. All smart-me devices can be controlled with IF-THEN Actions.

  • IF-THEN Actions can only be defined on the smart-me website

  • Multiple triggers can be defined and linked to each other ("and" as well as "or" connections are possible)

  • More than one action can be defined

  • A group of meters can be controlled

  • Connection monitoring

  • Monitoring of a meter stop

Create IF / THEN action

It is only possible to create and configure If-Then-Actions on the smart-me website. Create as many actions since they are saved on the smart-me Cloud. The smart-me devices require a internet connection to trigger the actions.

  1. Log in to our website with your username and password

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. Click on the tile "IF/THEN Actions"

  4. Click the "+" icon to create a new action or click on an existing one to edit it.

Requirements for working IF / THEN actions

  1. At least one IF event must be defined because it triggers the action. If multiple IF events have been defined, these can be linked with "AND" as well as "OR" commands.

  2. At least one then action must be defined. If multiple "then-actions" have been defined, they will all be executed at the same time as the if-condition (s) have been met.

  3. A name for this action