If / Then Actions


If/then Action are available for users with a Professional or Limited Subscription.

Automatic controls can be created for any device in the smart-me platform. There are two ways to define such actions. Either event actions or if/then actions are created. This article explains if/then actions. Compared to event actions, more complex triggers and actions can be defined:

  • several triggers (AND as well as OR links) are possible

  • several actions are possible

  • a group of meters can be monitored / switched

  • Connection monitoring

  • Meter standstill

If/Then Actions

The If/Then Actions are stored in the cloud and therefore only work if the device in question has a WLAN connection. You can create an unlimited number of if/then actions for all smart-me devices. If/Then actions can only be created and changed in the web portal.


  1. Log in to our website with your user name and password

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. Click on the If /Then Actions tile.

  4. Click on the + symbol to create a new action or click on an existing one to edit it.

Requirements for functioning if/then actions:

  1. At least one if-event must be defined, because this triggers the action. If several if-events have been defined, they can be linked with AND and OR commands.

  2. At least one then-action must be defined (except for condition for tariffs). If several then-actions have been defined, they will all be executed simultaneously as soon as the if-condition(s) have been fulfilled.

  3. A name for this action


The following if-events (triggers) are available:

Value above/below than

Define which energy meter is to be monitored. Entire folders can also be selected, in which case the average value of all meters in this folder is monitored. You can use all energy meters that are connected to the cloud. This means not only electricity but also gas, heat or water (gateway). You can also define how long the measured value must be undercut or exceeded in order to trigger the then action.

Date & Time

You can set individual events or time spans as if-events.

No connection

An if event can be set for meters separated from the cloud. The following settings must be made:

  • Which meter is to be monitored

  • How long must the connection be interrupted

Meter standstill

An if event can be set for a meter standstill. The following settings must be made:

  • Which meter is to be monitored

  • How long must the meter standstill be present until the condition is fulfilled.

Switching states

Instead of monitoring the power of a meter, the switching status can also be monitored. The following settings must be made:

  • Which meter is to be monitored

  • Where exactly is the switching status to be monitored (output or input)?

  • At which state should the then action be triggered. "On", "Off" or when a state changes.

  • Minimum time: How long the meter must be in this state until the condition for the then action is fulfilled.


As soon as the if-events occur, the then-actions are triggered.

The following then-actions are available:

  • Alarm

  • Switch on/off

If the if-events have occurred, an e-mail is sent. The following settings must be made:

  • Alarm name

  • Subject: Subject alarm e-mails

  • Message: Text which is contained in the alarm e-mail

Placeholders can be defined for the subject and in the message. AlarmName and EventActionName are then replaced by the entered "alarm name" or the "if-then event name" in the sent e-mail.

Switch on/off

If the if-events occur, the selected unit switches. Folders can also be selected, in which case all switchable units in this folder are switched accordingly.

The following settings must be made:

  • Which counter or folder should be switched?

  • How it should be switched

    • On

    • Off

    • Toggle