Firmware update

Performing a firmware update

Throughout their product life cycle, smart-me products are constantly undergoing improvements and functional enhancements. These optimisations can be carried out independently by the user.

Note: Firmware updates are primarily to be used when faulty behaviour is detected or a new function wants to be used that the previous firmware does not yet support. Products with rapidly developing functions, such as the Pico charging station, should receive regular updates.

Open firmware update website

Firmware upgrades can be carried out at smart-me Hardware at any time, provided internet access is available.

Performing the firmware Update

Select the unit to update from "Update" or "Update Communication".

To perform several updates in parallel, you can open several links in a new tab by right-clicking on the link.

2. Select "Update firmware".

Duration until it starts: 

3. Wait until the update has been completed and press "OK".

Note: If the update has started (> 1%), the browser does not need to remain open.

Duration until it is completed: 

Accelerate firmware update

As a rule, the update continues even without active monitoring or an open browser.

If the update is being actively monitored, it can be accelerated as follows:

Firmware Release Notes


Version 0.0.25-r25

Date: 10.01.2024




Version 0.0.23-r23

Date: 07.12.2023



Version 0.0.22-r22

Date: 04.09.2023


Version 0.0.21-r21

Date: 27.08.2023


Increase routing lookup table for wifi module (support upto 200 stations per loadmanagement group instead of 20)Version 0.0.20-r20

Date: 03.07.2023

Version 0.0.19-r19

Date: 08.05.2023

Version 0.0.18-r18

Date: 03.04.2023

 Flush to disk (flash) after writing the settings file or the images / firmware updates

Version 0.0.17-r17
Date: 17.02.2023

Version 0.0.16-r16
Date: 16.12.2022

Version 0.0.15-r15
Date: 12.12.2022

Version 0.0.14-r14
Date: 06.12.2022

Version 0.0.13-r13
Date: 09.11.2022

Version 0.0.12-r12
Date: 06.12.2022

Version 0.0.11-r11
Date: 11.10.2022

Version 0.0.10-r10
Date: 23.09.2022

Telstar CT

same as Telstar 80A

Telstar 80A

Version 8 (V16 and V17)

Date: 12.04.2023

Bug fixes:

 - Fix stop "start wifi" after disconnection from AP in special cases

Version 7 (V14 and V15)

Date: 16.01.2023

Bug fixes:

 - Modbus TCP Timeout (idle clients will be disconnected after 5min)

 - Modbus TCP limit max number of clients to 4

 - Disable mesh connect when Modbus TCP is enabled

 - Connect to mesh network when connection to normal wifi AP fails for 16 times


 - Internal Updates for ESP

Version 6 (V12 and V13)

Date: 19.02.2022

Bug fixes:

 - Modbus TCP heap overflow (on start modbus)

 - Deadlock in DNS resolution with wifi without internet connection

Version 5 (V10 and V11)

Date: 21.02.2022

Bug fixes:

 - Power Event action was factor 10 wrong

Version 4 (V8 and V9)

Date: 11.02.2021

Bug fixes:

 - Fix Modbus TCP Bug