Firmware Update

Perform firmware update

The smart-me products undergo constant improvements and functional enhancements throughout their product life cycle. These optimizations can be carried out independently by the user.

Note: Firmware updates are particularly useful if you have detected a faulty behavior or want to use a new function that the previous firmware did not yet support. Products with rapidly developing functions, such as the Pico charging station, should be updated regularly.

Open firmware update website

With smart-me hardware, a firmware upgrade can be carried out at any time, provided internet access is guaranteed.

Perform firmware update

1. Select the device for updating: “Update” or “Update Communication”

Note: To perform several updates in parallel, you can open several links in a new tab by right-clicking on the link.

2. Select “Update firmware”

Duration until start: 

3. Wait until the update is complete and confirm with “OK”

Note: If the update has started (> 1%), the browser does not need to remain open.

Duration until the update is complete: 

Speed up firmware update

As a general rule, the update continues even without active monitoring or an open browser.

If the update is actively monitored, it can be speeded up as follows:

Firmware Release Notes

Firmware Release Notes