3-Phase Meter Telstar

The smart-me Telstar 80A is an MID-certified energy meter with integrated WiFi interface for the transmission of real-time data. The meter synchronises the measured values automatically and encrypted in the smart-me cloud. The measured data can be exported to third-party systems via various interfaces and processed further.


Technical Data

Operating voltage 3x230/400VAC

Reference current 5 (80) A

Product certification CE, MID 2014/32/EU, CH load profile/reactive energy, RED

Self-consumption < 0.8 W per phase

Measuring range 5 –18, 400 W per phase

Accuracy class Class B (1%)

Meter type Four-quadrant meter (purchase and delivery) for active and reactive energy

Measured values Active energy (kWh), active power (kW), reactive energy (kVArh), reactive power (kVAr), current (A), voltage (V), power factor (cosφ), switch status

Tariffs Two via digital tariff input or use of any virtual tariffs in the cloud

Digital input E1 Floating input, tariff input (12 VDC - 48VDC / 12VAC - 230 VAC)

Digital output S-0 Floating outputs* (SG ready), max. 48VDC / max. 230 VAC, Pmax < 0.4 W (Opto-MOSFET)

Digital outputs S-1 Floating outputs* (SG ready), max. 48VDC, max. 230VAC, Pmax < 1500 W (Relais)

*The digital output itself does not have its own power supply.

WiFi standard 802.11 b/g/n

WiFi security standard WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

S0 pulse weight 1,000 pulses per kWh (configurable to 10,000 pulses/kWh)

Data storage Two months

Temperature range -25 to +70°C

Measuring device category CAT III

IP class IP 20, IP 51 (front)

Dimensions Five modules, 90 x 90 mm

Rel. humidity Average 75%, without condensation / short term 95%, without condensation

Assembly DIN rail

Server location Switzerland

Data volume per month < 25MB

Internet connection < 0.1 Mbit/s

Configuring inputs and outputs

The smart-me meter has two outputs and one input, which can be used as pulse inputs and outputs or as a switchable potential-free contact. Details can be found here


The meter has a rolling display. The items described below are displayed in sequence. After the last point, it starts again at point 1:

Value / Symbol Description

1.8.1 OBIS code for the displayed meter reading

T1 Active tariff (tariff 1 or tariff 2)

Arrow Direction of flow (right-hand reference / left-hand delivery)

Signal (Bars) WiFi/LTE Signal strength

0000053.2 Meter reading

5520W Current measured power with unit

kWh Unit of the displayed meter reading

Measurements & Wiring

Dimensions [mm]

Wiring diagram

T1 button for installation

T2 special functions

In short: If T2 is pressed> 2s, the green LED lamp switches on / off. If this is activated, it shows the connection status

Glowing green: connected to smart-me cloud

Flashing green: connection is currently established, at the moment no connection

Long: If T2 is pressed> 8s, the display of the power is switched between active and reactive power. In addition, the calibration pulse LED alternates between active energy and reactive energy.

Very long: If T2 is pressed> 14s, the S0-0 pulse output is switched between active power and reactive power.

ATTENTION: This setting only changes the display, not in the smart-me cloud (app and website). If the reactive energy is to be displayed in the cloud, this must be done in the general settings.

E1 tariff input, potential-free

Tariff 1: 0V (or not connected)

Tariff 2: 12 - 48VDC / 12 - 230VAC

adjustable as a digital input

S0-0 S0 pulse output, potential-free

  Power MOSFET with PMAX = 0.4 W

  adjustable as a digital output

S-1 power output, potential-free

 Relay with PMAX = 1,500 W

Shipping information

Item number: 202063
Article name: 3-phase meter Telstar 80A MID Wifi
Customs tariff number: 9028.3019
Weight with packaging: 403g

Downloads and certificate of conformity

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