Measurement concept producers behind houses

We explain here what measures need to be taken to map the measurement concept for several producers behind different houses.


You need a smart-me Professional subscription 

Important remarks

smart-me does not recommend this measurement concept for the following reasons:

smart-me reserves the right to list further restrictions. Only a few buildings are currently equipped with this measurement concept. For this reason, smart-me is not focusing on the development of these installations. It is possible that they will become easier in the future, but we are not focusing on this measurement concept in the development.

Measurement concept

Balance, houses and, if available, general are measured.

The measurement of PV is optional and offers no advantage for billing.


The information below requires that the configuration for smart-me Billing with the standard measurement concept is known.

Virtual meters

The total of all meters that are billing relevant.

Name: Total consumption + production

Virtual tariffs

Billing configuration according to standard measurement concept 

Deviation in the virtual tariff:


The information below assumes that the invoicing for smart-me Billing with the standard measurement concept is familiar.

Fill out Excel

Purpose of Excel

Required information

Calculation logic

Complete other position

Values according to the Excel credit note can be inserted as a minus amount for each billing unit.

Generate invoice again

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