Zerofy allows to measure and reduce the CO2 footprint of a household: holistically, automatically and in real time. The smart-me integration shows in the Zerofy app the electricity consumption as measured by the smart-me meter and also converts it into CO2 impact.

Zerofy is currently the most complete and automated CO2 tracking app for consumers. It covers all areas of a household (energy, transport, consumption, food) and gives personalised tips on how to reduce CO2 emissions, for example in the area of energy saving or transport.

Target group: smart-me users and tenants with smart-me account

Operating systems: iOS only

  • Discover daily, monthly and yearly graphs with breakdowns by category.

  • Traffic emissions are automatically recorded using the movement of your mobile device and recognising the type of transport (car, bike, plane, etc.). You can even configure your specific car model.

  • You can also connect smart appliances from brands such as Miele or Zaptec to track their consumption and emissions. Total electricity consumption is calculated based on your household size.

  • Automatically estimate emissions for purchased goods and services based on your card transaction category and spend amount (connecting to your card is optional).