Pico Accessories

212070-PL/PHx Pico Stand

The Pico stands are available in different versions. The solution always consists of two parts.

  • Universal stand 212070-PL

  • Head for one Pico charging station 212070-PL/PH1


  • Head for two Pico charging stations 212070-PL/PH2

Mounting on a concrete base with hole dimensions according to instructions. Details under Downloads Pico.

212070/VP Pico Preparation Kit

The Pico preparation kit enables pre-installation of possible further charging stations. The scope of delivery includes the base plate and a blind cover.

As soon as an extension is due, the pico electronics without mounting plate can be ordered with article number 212070/1.
The installation is done by clicking into the mounting plate and screwing the pico electronics to the mounting plate.

212070-CO Pico blind cover (replacement)

Replacement blind cover to be reordered in case of vandalism or accidents.


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