Zählerfreunde offer a simple consumption and comparison overview of various meter service providers. The smart-me meters are also supported. All our customers can have their data visualised at the Zählerfreunde and benefit from their offers.

Target group: smart-me users and tenants with smart-me account

Note: Within tenant power systems, the tariff change only works for the tenant power system operator.

Free visualisation

The dashboard contains an easy-to-use overview of your energy consumption, the associated costs and your CO2 emissions. You can finally see how much was consumed on which day, draw conclusions and adjust your consumption behaviour accordingly.

Personalised tips

Your digital energy saving advisor.

The tips from Zählerfreunde help you achieve your energy-saving goal, reduce costs in the long term and make your company/household more sustainable. In the future, Zählerfreunde will discover savings potential through purpose-oriented data analyses and help you find the right service providers (for your PV system, for example) in your area.

Sustainable tariff change (Only for Germany)

Never worry about the hassle of changing tariffs again!

Either change your electricity tariff once or automatically every year (certified green electricity guaranteed). This saves you a lot of money every year and supports a charitable project of your choice.


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