Zählerfreunde offers customised solutions for individual systems, tenant electricity projects, energy suppliers and municipal utilities. The solution is based on a web or app-based platform that enables tenants, landlords and project operators to better monitor and manage electricity consumption and production.

Target group: smart-me users, energy suppliers and tenants with a smart-me account

Note: Within tenant electricity systems, the tariff change only works for the tenant electricity system operator

Comprehensive solution

We naturally support all common browsers. We can also publish and maintain your own mobile app on request: for Android and iOS.

Control over consumption

Transparent, cross-divisional visualisation. Thanks to our modular structure, you can decide which details are displayed to your customers and which are not.

Support for other devices

Do your customers have PV systems, wallboxes, digital electricity meters? We visualise (almost) everything! Users have the option of adding further smart devices. Do you offer battery storage systems, for example? Great, sell them directly via the platform and then have them visualised.

Offer new electricity products

Offer your existing customers new tariff products such as flexible tariffs. If necessary, we calculate whether the customer is still on the best tariff for them. Visualisation and tariff management in one place.


With the Zählerfreunde simulator, customers can test how a specific PV system or battery storage system will affect their annual costs and their CO2 footprint. The calculations are based on individual consumption and geostationary weather data. If you sell suitable products for this purpose, we will help you to offer them via the simulator.

Tenant electricity portal solution

Emphasise your tenant electricity offer with a comprehensive end customer solution.

Sustainable tariff change (only for Germany)

Never worry about the annoying tariff change again!

Either change your electricity tariff once or conveniently and automatically every year (certified green electricity guaranteed). This saves you a lot of money every year and supports a charitable project of your choice.


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