Pico EV Charger

Pico is a MID-certified charging station with integrated cellular and WiFi interface for the transmission of real-time data. The charging station synchronizes the measured values automatically and encrypted into the smart-me cloud. The station can be integrated into the eCarUp backend and has static and dynamic load management. The smart-me portal can be used to further process the data. Alternatively, they can be exported and processed in third-party systems via our open interface. 


Configure Pico

Info about mounting, MID mode, status and error messages can be found in the Installation and Assembly Instruction (.pdf)

The commissioning is covered in detail here: Commissioning 

The configuration is covered in detail here: Pico configuration 

Pico Connectors and Dimensions 

Wiring diagram

L1: Phase 1

L2: Phase 2

L3: Phase 3

N: Neutral conductor / Neutral conductor

PE: Protective earth

The protective earth conductor should be attached to the upper connection screw so that the stand is earthed directly together with the station.

The product can only be operated in 3-phase star connection or 1-phase!

Cable routing

The cables can be fed in and out of Pico at 5 points. 

Two at the top, two at the bottom and one through the back plate.

When mounting through the back plate, a hole with a diameter of 25-26mm must be drilled.

Details on mounting the stand can be found in the installation instructions in the downloads.

Load shedding (external inputs)

Pico Lastabwurf

Load shedding can also be implemented using only one available signal. 

For the configuration from no charge to maximum charge power, the signal is wired to IN1 and IN2 as well as COM.

For the configuration from 6A minimum power to maximum charging power, the signal must only be wired to IN2 as well as COM.

COM is the neutral conductor, IN1 and IN2 must be provided with a voltage at the ON signal. IN1 and IN2 do not generate voltage, this must be provided externally.

The load shedding can either be wired to all Picos or minimally to one from each load group.
This function also works in case of no internet connection.

Alternatively, the load shedding can also be done via the IF/THEN actions and Pico control.


*.DXF and *.DWG files of the meter, can be found in the ZIP archive under downloads

Shipping Information

232070 and 242070 smart-me Pico charging station incl. mounting plate

Customs tariff number: 85044055

Weight with packaging: 4.6 kg

Size of packaging: 400x300x200mm

Packages per Euro pallet: 72 pieces

232070/1 and 242070/1 smart-me Pico charging station without mounting plate

Customs tariff number: 85044055

Weight with packaging: 3.3 kg

Size of packaging: 400x300x200mm

Packages per Euro pallet: 72 pieces



Safety instructions

The safety instructions must be observed under all circumstances:


Installation, maintenance, repair, commissioning:

Intended use:




Why does the Pico always reserve 6A in the load group even though the car is no longer charging?

The IEC 61851 standard stipulates that every car must always have at least 6 A available. This is stipulated in the standard so that a parking heater can be supplied via the mains. Or if someone is absent for several weeks, so that the battery is not discharged.

Downloads and Declaration of Conformity

Data Sheet