Everything about commissioning smart-me devices: What should be considered during commissioning, common sources of errors and specific answers to installation questions.

Beta Test für die neue smart-me Installer App

smart-me has developed a new app. The smart-me Installer app is designed to make it easier to install devices.

The app is currently still in beta testing. You can try an installation. If it does not work, we would be happy to receive feedback at 

Open bugs:

WiFi requirements

*With the smart-me Connection Tester (only available for Android), these WiFi requirements can be checked.

Connect the device to the cloud

If the installation fails, please follow the detailed instructions including error description.

What is the technical procedure for commissioning?

Unfold for details

Step 1: Data determination

Step 2: Connecting to the temporary WiFi

Step 3: Save data on the smart-me device

Step 4: Checking the data connection with the cloud

Connect the device to the cloud (detailed instructions incl. error description)

Check WiFi requirements

Check WiFi requirements with the smart-me Connection Tester. The test can only be performed with Android. 

Download free App

Download free App (iOS)

App is available in the respective stores iOS 

Download free App (Android)

App is available in the respective Android stores

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the WiFi where you want to install the smart-me device.

iOS users must connect to the WiFi where the smart-me devices will be installed. This is because iOS does not allow access to other networks during installation.

For Android users, it is recommended to connect to the WiFi to check if the password is correct.

Start the app and create an account or log in with the appropriate account.

Make sure that you are in the correct account because during the installation on the smart-me device the account membership is saved locally. A subsequent change of the account affiliation can only be made with a new installation on site.

Possible problems: 

Note: You can rename the entire account after logging in to the web. At the top right, select E-mail > Settings > User management.

Click on "Add device" (+) and follow the instructions.

QR code scanning

In order to scan the QR code, the necessary permissions must be granted.

Select WiFi and enter password.

Tip: Click Show password during installation to check the password.

Possible errors: 

Press key

Press the button until a local WLAN is created:

Hold out the Pico RFID card (within 15 minutes after power ON).

Note: Our devices automatically deactivate the local WLAN after 4-5 minutes. This is independent of whether the installation was successful or not.

3 phase meter Telstar and Telstar CT with serial number 063* or 062*

3 phase meter with serial number 060*

Wait until the prompt to change WiFi appears.

In this step, the smartphone must be connected to the WiFi generated locally by the smart-me device. To do this, it is necessary to go to the WLAN settings of the smartphone.

Possible problems:

Select smart-me WiFi

Possible problems:

Returning to the smart-me app

Possible problems:

Device specific settings (Telstar CT, Pico, Kamstrup, M-Bus)

Setting the transformer ratio on the Telstar CT

Note: Entering the transformer ratio does not change the historically stored data. For this reason, this step must be taken immediately after commissioning.

Check connection type

After installing the Pico, an icon appears in the top right-hand corner that provides information about the connection type.

If the Pico is to be connected to Wi-Fi, it is advisable to briefly check whether the icon corresponds to a Wi-Fi symbol and not 4G. 

If 4G appears although the Pico should be connected to Wi-Fi, the Pico must be reinstalled. This can happen if a step was not carried out correctly during installation, e.g. WLAN password.

Kamstrup module decryption

Attention: The Kamstrup module needs the encryption key of the meter to read the data. This is only available to the energy supplier.

Start the device search for the M-Bus gateway

Note: The search may take several minutes.

Installation problems

Installation Failed

If the installation fails and you want to try again, please close the app completely and open it again. This will ensure that cache information is not reused.

Possible problems:

Kamstrup Module

Most sources of error when installing a Kamstrup module can be identified with the LED sequence:


00:06 LEDs do not light up

00:18 WLAN is not generated

00:59 LEDs flashing fast

01:14 LED running light


How can I restart a device (reboot)?

All devices can be restarted with a power interruption.

3 phase meter: Press T1 and T2 simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Pico: In the portal top right select the cogwheel, advanced actions, restart. Only works if the pico is online.

Kamstrup modules: Remove the module from the meter, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.

M-Bus gateway and 1 phase meters: These devices can only be restarted with a power interruption.

Can I use my device with multiple WiFi networks?

Yes, the smart-me device (except the Pico charging station) stores up to 3 different WiFi networks. You only need to install it once on each network and then the device will automatically select the network with the best wireless connection.

Can I reset the counter reading to zero?

No, as our meters are used for billing purposes, it is not possible to reset them.

Where is the WiFi password saved?

The WiFi password is only stored on the smart-me device. It is never transmitted to a server.

Are the settings and meter readings saved in case of power failure?

Yes, the unit saves all settings and values in the event of a power failure. When the power is restored, the unit reconnects to the WiFi and everything is as it was before the failure.

How can I store a new WiFi without losing the existing data?

To add another network, the unit must be installed normally. If it is not deleted from the cloud beforehand, it will not lose any energy data and configuration settings.

Can the stored WiFi information be deleted?

The WiFi information is only stored on the unit. Deleting the data can be done as follows:

How do I find out the MAC address of my smart-me device?

There is no direct way to find out the MAC address. If you have a Professional licence, you can activate DNS in the advanced settings of the smart-me device and select the option Internal IP. With a ping on the DNS name, the IP can be determined, which can then be compared with the IP / MAC table on the router.

Can the mesh network be deactivated?

3-phase meters Telstar and Telstar CT create a mesh network. This cannot be deactivated.

Can I move a device from one smart-me account to another?

With which meter reading is a smart-me meter delivered?


At what interval do the meters send data?

3-phase meter 80A Telstar, Telstar CT and Pico: 

M-Bus Gateway

Kamstrup module and 3-phase meter 80A/32A:

 1-Phase Meter 80A and 1-Phase Meter 32A

What happens when I deactivate a meter?

All data already stored in the cloud is retained. After deactivation, no further data is stored. No licence costs are incurred for deactivated meters.

Can a proxy be configured on the smart-me devices?