Solar Manager

Smart-me devices can be integrated in the Solar Manager directly via the cloud. Virtual meters can also be adopted.

There are several options for using the smart-me meter in the Solar Manager:

Integration in general

For the integration, the cloud access data with user name and password are required, as well as the serial number of the meter. This can be seen directly in the smart-me portal as a serial number, and it is also listed on the devices. Only use all digits there before the hyphen.


Web portal serial number: 07907952

Serial number counter: 07907952-123 (omit -123)

Smart-me meter as smart meter

Only one smart meter can be added to the Solar Manager at a time; it can be installed in two ways:

To set it up, you add a smart meter and select smart-me cloud. The smart meter is connected with the access data and the 8-digit serial number.

Use smart-me relay

The smart-me 3-phase counter has two potential-free contact outputs for controlling external devices, one of them with an integrated 8A relay. This can be switched in the Solar Manager. One “switch” is recorded and parameterized for each relay.

To set it up, add a new “switch” under Devices and select “Relay on the smart-me 3-phase meter”. The meter is connected with the access data and the 8-digit serial number.


Switch-on power (W): What power must be available as a surplus so that it is switched.

Switch-on delay (min): How long must the defined power be present before it is switched.

Switch-off delay (min): How long should you wait after falling below the power level before switching off (e.g. to bridge a cloud)

Minimum duration (min): How long must the device run at least. Practical for heat pumps with compressors etc.


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