Event-related Actions

Automatic controls can be created for each device in the smart-me platform. There are two ways of defining such actions. Either event-related actions or if / then actions are created. This article explains event-related actions.

Event actions are saved on the device itself, therefore they also work without an internet connection, e.g. when the WLAN router is switched off. For this, however, actions must be defined that do not require an internet connection. Of course, sending an e-mail does not work without the internet. Up to 16 event actions can be created, edited and saved per device.

Possible triggers:

  • Temperature higher / lower than xx (only with plug)

  • Power greater / less than xx

  • Button pressed (only with plug)

  • Time

  • Current lower / higher (on one phase) (only with the 3-phase meter Telstar)

  • Digital input (On / Off) (only with the 3-phase meter Telstar)

Possible actions:

  • Switch power on / off

  • Toggle power on / off

  • Send email

  • Switch power on / off on other device

  • Toggle power on / off on other device

Create event-related action

Event actions can be created in the app or in the web portal.


  1. Log into your smart-me user account

  2. Choose a plug or a counter

  3. Now click on the gear in the upper right corner

  4. Click on "Event Actions" - "Add Event Action"


  1. Log in to the weblogin

  2. Click the counter you want

  3. Right click on "Edit"

  4. Click Add Event Action

  5. Define event action

Event actions can now be defined (up to 16). Three settings must be made for this:

  • Event -> As soon as this occurs, the action is triggered

  • Action -> Defines what should be done when the event occurs

  • Name -> The name of the event action