Prepare Billing

Billing of an association of self-consumption

Electricity billing with smart-me energy cost billing

This billing type supports unit tariff, double tariff or multiple tariffs with solar tariffs.

To bill an association of self-consumption for the part of electric energy you need:

Billing Electricity, Heat and Water with smart-me energy cost billing

In order to be able to bill heat and water in ZEV in addition to electricity you need:

In Smart-me Billing, you must break down the costs into individual cost factors assigned to the tenant (variable costs).

Investment costs, ancillary costs, operating costs and others cannot be billed here. This must then be done via the administration in a separate invoice.

Settling Electricity, Heat and Water with the heating and service charge settlement  (VEWA / DIFEE / CISE-Compliant)

In order to generate all energy costs and a VEWA-compliant heating ancillary costs statement in an association of self-consumption, you need:

Billing for e-mobility in an association of self-consumption

VEWA und ZEV Leitfaden

Guide to self-consumption by Energy Switzerland (general information, legal forms, costs) : German Link   

VEWA Model for consumption-based energy and water cost billing: German Link