Billing error messages

This section describes known error messages in connection with smart-me Billing and possible solutions.


The configuration of smart-me Billing is described here: Billing 

In smart-me Billing, error messages are displayed in two places:

Calculation of virtual tariffs

Where can I find the error messages of the virtual tariff calculation. Login to the portal : Configuration --> Create bill --> Configuration --> Edit property --> Virtual tariffs --> Blue box

Created invoices

Where can I find the error messages and warnings of the created invoices. Login in the portal : Configuration --> Create invoice --> Configuration --> Edit property --> Invoices --> Invoices --> Orange error with warnings (Appears only when there is an error)

Error when Calculation of virtual tariffs

Calculation starts soon..

Possible causes:

Waiting for meter values of .... Last values at.... (UTC))


Possible causes:

There must be at least one normal virtual tariff active, but for ValuePeriod { ... } there is none

The tariffs must cover the entire period in which smart-me meters have supplied data. 

The following residential commercial units are defective: - '....': the following assignments are defective: - Meter with id '....' does not exist

A meter can no longer be found.

For ValuePeriod ... the following virtual tariffs are active but erroneous: - Solar tariff ... is invalid because of: Solar Meter: Meter with id ....' does not exist 

For the solar tariff, either the solar or battery meter or the total consumption is not stored.

Solution 1: Billing --> Configuration --> Select solar tariff --> Edit --> Add meter --> Save

Solution 2: Billing --> Configuration --> Select solar tariff -> delete meter assignments (even when empty) -> re-add meters

Failed to load meters of folder '...': - Erroneous virtual meter '....: - Meter with id '....' does not exist

The virtual counter consists of counters that have been deleted.

Not more than one conditional normal virtual tariff must be active at a time, but for ValuePeriod ... there are the following ones: - ...

At the end of the error message it is shown which two tariffs are active at the same time.

Our system is based on the fact that two tariffs of the same type must not be active at the same time.

The if-then configuration of the tariffs must be checked.

The calculation is stuck at a specific date

Possible causes:

Not all meters in the configuration may have the load profile or meter reading certification required by law for virtual tariffs.

This note is only informative. It has no influence on the calculation.

With this note we want to make sure that the biller is aware that he is responsible for the compliance of third-party measuring devices.

Note: This message cannot be deactivated.

Error when creating the invoices

The virtual tarifs do not match the total consumption

Possible causes:

Invoices are generated empty or not at all.

Possible causes:

No values found for the start date or end date

Possible causes:

The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. Parameter name: value Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Your Bexio login is no longer valid. You need to log in again.

Topics explained in more detail:

Why does the Virtual Tariff generate a difference if the meter has not delivered any data at the time of the billing start (From) or billing end (To)?

Possible reasons:

Data basis for determining the error:

The smart-me Billing carries out a check when creating a bill. The sum of the virtual tariffs (e.g. high, low, solar tariff) is compared with the electricity consumption. If there is a difference there, an error message is displayed.

Display of meter readings

The determination of meter readings is not displayed with a time specification in smart-me Billing when creating a bill. In order to check whether the meter has delivered data at the desired time, a report must be created.

For the report, the property can be selected and a detailed PDF consumption report can be generated. The data of all billing units (flats) are exported at once. 

Select property --> Select report at the top right --> Report type --> Detailed consumption report (PDF)

Now you can check whether the period of the report differs from the period of the reference quantity total of one or more meters. If this is the case, no load profile data are available for the desired period.

Display of virtual tariffs

The determination of virtual tariffs is displayed in smart-me Billing when a bill is created in the tariffs.

Different handling between meter readings and virtual tariffs:

Meter readings: smart-me Billing uses the physical meter readings generated on the meter for electricity consumption. If no meter reading is available at the time of the start or end of billing, smart-me Billing uses the meter reading closest to the requested date.

Virtual tariffs: smart-me Billing calculates the virtual tariffs based on the load profile data (physical meter readings). If no load profile data is available, e.g. for 1 week, it is interpolated. This means that our system takes the meter readings and assumes that consumption is constant every 15 minutes (load profile data). The virtual consumption is then calculated from this.

Simplified calculation example with correct data:

Flat 1 has sent a meter reading (load profile data) on 01.10.2023 00:00 and on 31.10.2023 00:00

The virtual consumption is calculated. The split between high, low and solar tariff is 50 kWh. 

Simplified calculation example with missing data:

Flat 1 sent a meter reading (load profile data) on 01.10.2023 00:00, this was done up to and including 25.10.2023 00:00. From 25.10.2023 00:00 until 15.11.2023 00:00 there is no load profile data.

The meter reading for 31.10.2023 00:00 is not available. The closest meter reading to the date is 25.10.2023 00:00, so this is used for display and calculation in smart-me billing.

The meter reading is determined. 902-851 = 51 kWh (The consumption of 51 kWh is shown in the bill at "Your share").

The virtual consumption is calculated. Between 1.10.2023 00:00 and 25.10.2023 00:00 a consumption of 51 kWh is divided between high, low and solar tariff. Since data is missing from this point onwards, the missing load profile data is interpolated. The outage is 21 days. During this time 950-902 = 48 kWh were consumed. With interpolation, this results in 2.29 kWh per day. In smart-me billing, therefore, 6 days of 2.29 kWh each are billed in addition to the 51 kWh, which results in 51 + 13.71 = 64.71 kWh.

Now there is a difference between the meter reading 51 kWh and the virtual tariff 64.71 kWh in smart-me billing. This leads to the error message.