Planning e-mobility

E-mobility is a major consumer within a property or site. With the increase in available charging stations, the following points must be clarified for any planned infrastructure:

Load management for e-mobility

Load management or the behaviour of the charging stations with defined resources is directly related to the effective availability of the charging stations and the failure safety of the entire system.

In general, load management must actively control capacity distribution if there are two or more charging stations in the system.

This is intended to prevent excessive power consumption by the charging infrastructure from triggering fuses to protect the infrastructure. This would result in temporary power outages in parts or the entire area, as well as services to repair the situation.

At the same time, a reduction in charging power must be guaranteed if the energy supplier has to protect its grid in the event of an undersupply.

In addition to overload protection, load management normally also performs other functions:

More details can be found under "Description of load management" in the respective topic section.

Billing e-mobility to tenants

Charging stations are major consumers and incur corresponding costs during use. Primarily the energy used for charging, but also the operating current and the resulting losses, as well as any rental of the charging station.

Billing can be based on a single or multiple tariff, e.g. high, low and solar tariff, depending on the hardware used and the billing solution combination.

You can find more details under "Billing" in the respective topic section.

Billing of e-mobility to third parties or unknown parties (public / semi-public)

The installation of charging infrastructure often incurs high costs. A good way to accelerate amortisation or to enable a desired public offer is to make the charging station accessible to third parties. 

E-mobility backend software is required to make a charging station available to the public.

The backend software then takes over the release of a charge to third parties depending on your needs and selected payment method.

You can find more details under "Billing" in the respective topic section.

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