The open API from smart-me can be used for flows in Node-RED relatively easy.
Use the API to create flows in Node-RED and get data from the meters or controll the outputs of them.

GET values from the meters

For requesting data from one of our meter points you can use the HTTP_Request Nodes in Node-RED.

The HTTP-Request

The HTTP-Requests are based on the code of the API and are set as URL.

  • .../api/devices --> GET all devices in the account (list)

  • .../api/devices/{id} --> request actual data of one specific meter via the ID of the meter which you can read over api/devices

Below is the specific API call for requesting data of a specific meter:{meter-ID}


For the athentification "basic" can be used by using username / email and password of the account.

With the change-nodes you can shorten the data, for example that only the data of ActvePower is read.

msg.payload.ValueName (same as written in the JSON data)

Here as a trial with the value ActivePower => 3.008


  • ActivePower

  • CounterReading

  • CurrentL1

POST - switch Outputs of a device

With the HTTP-Request node you can also switch the outputs on our meter devices. For doing this you need to transmit a JSON Code over an HTTP-request node.

The used POST method is the call

Over the call GET /api/actions/{id} you can get the available outputs of the specific device.

For the Telstar 80A and CT the OBIS-Codes of the outputs are allways the same.

(please be ware that the outputs must be activated as digital outputs on the device to be available)

Output api/actions/{id}:



"Name": "Output 0", "S0-0 output"

"ObisCode": "63000C0101FF",

"ActionType": 0



"Name": "Relais", "S1 output"

"ObisCode": "63000C0102FF",

"ActionType": 0



POST with api/actions call

JSON structure for POST call api/actions in the inject-node for switching S1-relay from 0 (off) to 1 (on)


"DeviceID": "string",

"Actions": [


"ObisCode": "string",

"Value": 0




Support to Node-RED

For information how to go further in using the data in Node-RED please refer to the Node-RED website and their community.

For further detailed information about our API:!/AccessToken/AccessToken_Put