Firmware Release Notes

Firmware Release Notes


Version 0.0.28-r28

Date: 15.04.2024



Version 0.0.25-r25

Date: 10.01.2024




Version 0.0.23-r23

Date: 07.12.2023



Version 0.0.22-r22

Date: 04.09.2023


Version 0.0.21-r21

Date: 27.08.2023


Version 0.0.20-r20

Date: 03.07.2023

Version 0.0.19-r19

Date: 08.05.2023

Version 0.0.18-r18

Date: 03.04.2023

Version 0.0.17-r17
Date: 17.02.2023

Version 0.0.16-r16
Date: 16.12.2022

Version 0.0.15-r15
Date: 12.12.2022

Version 0.0.14-r14
Date: 06.12.2022

Version 0.0.13-r13
Date: 09.11.2022

Version 0.0.12-r12
Date: 06.12.2022

Version 0.0.11-r11
Date: 11.10.2022

Version 0.0.10-r10
Date: 23.09.2022

Telstar 80A / Telstar CT

Version 8 (V16 and V17)

Date: 12.04.2023

Bug fixes:

 - Fix stop "start wifi" after disconnection from AP in special cases

Version 7 (V14 and V15)

Date: 16.01.2023

Bug fixes:

 - Modbus TCP Timeout (idle clients will be disconnected after 5min)

 - Modbus TCP limit max number of clients to 4

 - Disable mesh connect when Modbus TCP is enabled

 - Connect to mesh network when connection to normal wifi AP fails for 16 times


 - Internal Updates for ESP

Version 6 (V12 and V13)

Date: 19.02.2022

Bug fixes:

 - Modbus TCP heap overflow (on start modbus)

 - Deadlock in DNS resolution with wifi without internet connection

Version 5 (V10 and V11)

Date: 21.02.2022

Bug fixes:

 - Power Event action was factor 10 wrong

Version 4 (V8 and V9)

Date: 11.02.2021

Bug fixes:

 - Fix Modbus TCP Bug

smart-me reserves the right to deploy features and bug fixes that have not been communicated, particularly when they pertain to internal matters.