The visualizations are created in a folder. To see the visualization you need to click on the folder in the app or the desktop interface. 

Create visualisation

Proceed as follows to create a visualisation:


This is an overview of various possible visualisations. The list is not final.

Energy Flow (simple)

Shows the energy flow for a solar system, mains supply and household consumption.

Two of these three meters must be specified, the third is calculated automatically.  If all three meters are specified, this may result in incorrect readings. We always recommend specifying direct measurements whenever possible and not virtual meters

House with multiple producers and consumers

Up to ten consumers or producers can be visualised for a building.

You can choose to display the performance (now) or the consumption values for the last 30 or 365 days.

Consumption of a flat with comparison to a reference flat

The current performance of a flat (electricity, heat and water) is displayed.

For the historical consumption values, a comparison to a reference flat is also displayed (e.g. "10% less electricity consumed than the average").

Own Consumption and Self-Sufficiency

It shows the self-consumption level and level of autonomy of a building. The values are calculated from the PV meter and the balance meter.

Own consumption rate: How much of the solar energy is consumed directly in the house

Self-Sufficiency: How much of the total consumption is produced by the solar system.

Attention: The main counter must not be a virtual counter!

Production and consumption monitoring

Shows where the produced energy is used (in-house or exported to the grid) and from where the consumed energy come from (solar or from grid)

This is clearly shown as a percentage figure and as a graphic.