Ebix Data Import

smart-me offers the possibility of an automatic data import in the Ebix Format.


Only smart-me Gold Partner can use the automatic data import

Ebix (SDAT)

The XML files (Ebix) for standardized data exchange for the electricity market can be imported into smart-me.

Supported schemas





Data upload

The files can be uploaded to the smart-me FTP server via FTP or via FTPS (TLS):

Server: ftp.smart-me.com

Path:  /Ebix/

Username: "Email of a subaccount of the partner"

Password: "The associated password"

The file size for import is limited to 50 megabytes.

Assignment to a user account

As soon as Ebix files have been loaded onto the server by a user of the partner, the measuring point ID can be seen under "Configuration-> Partner-> Data Import". The measuring point can be assigned to another user by clicking on edit.