You need a smart-me Professional subscription to be able to create energy cost bills.

smart-me billing offers the possibility to import invoices automatically into Bexio. Bexio is a business software. More information:


  • Customer management in Bexio: smart-me Billing takes over the customer master from Bexio.

  • Export of the bills: Energy bills can be created, sent and managed in Bexio.

  • Automatic payment reconciliation / automatic reminder

1. Activate Bexio

  1. Open smart-me billing

  2. Select "Configuration" and the property

  3. At "Export to third party" select Bexio

  4. Click on login and log in to Bexio

  5. Click on save

  • Invoice title: The title of the invoice in Bexio.

  • Invoice language: The language to be used for the invoice in Bexio.

  • Account for Bexio entries: The Bexio account to which the items should be assigned.

2. Assign tenants

  1. Select "Configuration" and a flat

  2. Click on "Add" under billing address

  3. Select the contact from Bexio

3. Export invoice to Bexio

Create the invoices on a property

-> The invoices are automatically exported to Bexio.

smart-me Billing takes over the invoice number from Bexio (example: RE-1570 is the invoice with the number 1570 in smart-me).

4. Invoices in Bexio

The invoices have now been created in Bexio and can be processed further.

  1. Log in to Bexio

  2. Call up invoices

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