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On this page you will find all technical information about the installation and use of the smart-me products as well as the software settings.

New feature: Fix cable lock!

Charging cables can now be permanently locked to the Pico charging station.
For this, the Pico must have at least communication version 0.0.7. You can make updates here.

Plug in cable --> Login smart-me portal --> Select Pico --> Select top right gear --> Advanced settings --> Fix cable lock

Note: The car must not be plugged in when fixing the cable.

New feature: If/Then Actions can now be controlled with current above / below threshold!

From now on, if/then actions can also be triggered based on currents! This feature can be used with 3-phase meters, 3-phase meters Telstar, 3-phase meters Telstar CT and Pico. Only the largest current from the three phases is taken into account in the action. This new function can be used, for example, to prevent one phase from being overloaded.

Note: The largest current of all three phases is also taken into account for the threshold value "below".

New feature: Position "Others" is now also available for individual billing units (tenants)!

In billing, separate "Others" items can now be added to individual billing units (apartments/tenants)! For example, individual meter rent can be charged or bills already paid on account (negative amount) can be subtracted.

New feature: " recalculate" now has a start date!

It is now possible to set a start date for the recalculation in billing. This way, only the data from this date onwards will be recalculated and the whole process will be shorter than before.

New feature: (de)activate several meters at the same time!

To activate or deactivate several meters at the same time, you can move them into a folder in the meter / folder configuration, right-click it and select a bulk action.


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Connection Scheme 3-Phase Meter.pdf

Connection Scheme 3-Phase Meter


Connection Scheme 1-Phase Meter


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