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On this page you will find all technical information about the installation and use of the smart-me products as well as the software settings.


Pico WLAN reception quality

From FW version 0.0.18 the WLAN reception quality is displayed in the smart-me portal. Firmware update

This information can be retrieved from all accounts via the API with the command "GET /api/AdditionalDeviceInformation/{id}". 

Gold partners can check the connection type and quality of Telstar and pico online.

This information can be retrieved from all accounts via the API with the command "GET /api/AdditionalDeviceInformation/{id}".

Deactivate meter with Basic or Limited abo level

deactivate Meter


Is it possible to set up a time-based tariff with smart-me meters?

Yes, a virtual tariff can be configured together with billing for all smart-me products.

In addition, a double tariff can be set up for all products that have a digital input.

Note: In billing it is not possible to mix both tariff types.

Where can I change my login password / email address?

To change your login password, go to and log in with your existing user account. Click on your user name (top right) and select Settings. Click on Change Password.

If you can't remember your password, it can be reset using the forgotten-password-function. For this, however, a valid e-mail address must have been used when creating the account.

Why do unknown counters appear in my account?

Basically, the smart-me Cloud only displays meters in your account if the data for them are transmitted to it. If a meter appears that you do not know about, this may be because a meter connected to the gateway is configured to send other meters (e.g. some heat meters). 

Some L+G meters are also configured in such a way that they also send a water meter, for example, which is then displayed on the smart-me Cloud.

If you try to delete these meters, they will most likely reappear. For more information, see Why does my deleted meter reappear in the cloud?
To avoid paying the licences for these unused meters, you can deactivate them. You can find out more about this under How do I deactivate my meter?

If working with API meters, the external configuration should be checked. 

Why does my deleted counter reappear in the Cloud?

If a meter is deleted in the Cloud, all its data is deleted in the Cloud. If this meter sends data to the cloud again after the deletion process, the cloud recreates the meter (including a new meter ID). However, the meter's past measurement data is irretrievably deleted. If/then actions or settings in billing also do not refer to the "new" meter and would have to be reconfigured accordingly. 

The following points can prevent the meter from sending data to the cloud again and thus being recreated: 

Alternatively, you can deactivate the meter in the Cloud. A deactivated meter does not need any licences and you can reactivate it at any time and access its data. 

How do I deactivate my meter?

If the account is in Basic license model.

If the account is in Limited or Professional license model.

Alternatively, you can also drag the meters all into one folder (e.g. "deactivated meters") and deactivate all meters at once by right-clicking on the relevant folder, Mass Actions, Deactivate All Meters. 

Note on deactivated meters: A deactivated meter no longer costs a licence, but you can also no longer access the past data of the counter as long as it is deactivated. During the time the meter is deactivated, no new measurement data of the meter will be saved on the Cloud.  

How can I set the correction factor on the Cloud?

To set the correction factor of a module or meter, please proceed as follows:

How to calculate the correction factor?

How can I set the language in the smart-me portal?

In general, the smart-me portal uses the language from the settings of the used browser. The system knows the languages German, French, Italian and English. If a language other than these is set, English is automatically selected. 

The language can be changed as follows:
1. log in to the smart-me portal
Click on the according link:

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your cloud licence subscription, go to and log in.
Then click on the user name in the top right-hand corner and select Settings.
Here go to Payment, Cancel Subscription and confirm with Yes.


If you cannot find the answer to your question here, our support team will be happy to help you.


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