M-Bus Gateway

The smart-me M-Bus Gateway reads all energy meters with the M-Bus interface according to EN 13757-2, -3. Since it uses the existing WLAN network, no additional hardware needs to be installed. The meter data for the various energy sources (water, heat, gas, temperature) are transferred directly to the smart-me cloud and can be used in the smart-me energy management system.


  • M-Bus Gateway to the smart-me cloud

  • Integrated level converter for 50 M-Bus energy meters (up to 100 slaves with repeater)

  • Integrated power supply unit

  • Support of all M-Bus devices according to EN13757-2, -3 (former EN1424-3)

  • Encrypted Wi-Fi connection directly to the smart-me cloud

  • Integrated data logger and automatic synchronisation in case of connection failures to the cloud

  • The smart-me cloud enables extensive energy management, including live energy monitoring, automatic invoicing, remote controlling and alarms

  • Easy installation using the free smart-me app available for Android and iOS

Technical Data

Operating voltage 100 – 240 VAC

Number of M-Bus slaves 50 standard loads

M-Bus baud rate 300, 2400, 9600 (automatic scan and detection)

Assembly DIN-rail

Size 2 modules, 36 × 90 mm

Interface WiFi, M-Bus

Data storage 6000 readouts

Firmware Update Available online

Galvanic isolation yes

Temperature range from −25 to 55 °C


Before you can use your smart-me M-Bus Gateway, you have to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the WLAN.

  2. Download and install the free smart-me app from the App store on Android or iOS.

  3. Start the app and create a free account or login to an existing relevant account.

  4. Click on “Add Device” (+) and follow the instructions.


Attention: It is absolutely essential that the devices are online before the tenants move in. This is the only way to evaluate the counter readings over the time axis.

Hardware installation steps:

  1. Install device (wire M-Bus, apply voltage)

  2. Complete the installation according to the instructions using the App. (Link hardware with Wifi and target account. Wifi 2.4GHz)

  3. Start the "automatic search" under configuration in the App or on the desktop to find the devices.

The commissioning of the heat and water meters will be carried out by the supplier (e.g. Neovac, Ista, GWF, Techem etc.). These companies usually have their own M-Bus master connected in the technical room so that they can check whether the meters are arriving on the M-Bus.

Afterwards, a commissioning protocol is created and then our M-Bus gateway is reconnected.

With the documents, the respective meters can then be added to the correct user units on the smart-me cloud and the configuration can be completed.

The following information will be needed:

  • List of all installed meters

  • M-Bus address (we only need the secondary address, we do not need the primary address)

  • Affiliation to apartment (apartment name)

  • Type of meter (heat, hot or cold water, etc.)

Important: The secondary address must be unique per smart-me account.

Result of the automatic search

Automatic counter creation after search (takes some minutes)

Compatible Water, Heat and Gas Meters

The M-Bus Gateway reads over 1000 meter types from different manufacturers. Below you will find a non-exclusive list of compatible device manufacturers.

aquametro Hersteller Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

Aquametro AG

Ringstrasse 75
CH-4106 Therwil
+41 61 725 11 22

David Schittly, Projekleiter
+ 41 61 725 15 19

Hersteller Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

GWF MessSysteme AG

Obergrundstrasse 119
CH-6005 Luzern
+41 41 319 50 50

Laila Gschwind, Leiterin Sales Office

+41 41 319 52 18


Hersteller Integration smart-me M-BUS.XLSX

ista swiss ag

Zofingerstrasse 61
CH-4665 Oftringen
+41 62 746 99 00

André Huber, Teamleiter / TechnikCenter
+41 62 746 99 10

Hersteller Integration smart-me M-BUS (1).xlsx


Eichaustrasse 1
CH-9463 Oberriet
+41 58 715 50 50

Heinz Marti, Bereichsleiter Technik/Qualitätssicherung
+41 58 715 56 90

2019-07-10 Optec AG Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

Optec AG

Guyer-Zeller-Strasse 14
CH-8620 Wetzikon ZH
+41 44 933 07 70

Burak Nurten, Stv. Leiter Innendienst
+41 44 933 07 70

Hersteller Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

Rapp Enserv AG

Hochstrasse 100
CH-4018 Basel
+41 58 595 77 77

Christian Regitz, Bereichsleiter Abrechnungsdienstleistungen
+41 58 595 76 12

Techem Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

Techem (Schweiz) AG

Steinackerstr. 55
CH-8902 Urdorf
+41 43 455 65 00

Olivier Villiger, Produkt Management
+41 43 455 65 16

Brunata Integration smart-me M-BUS.xlsx

Brunata AG

Althardstrasse 10
CH-8105 Regensdorf

Alex Nanzer, CEO
+41 41 669 10 10

Do you also belong to this list? If your product supports the M-Bus standard EN 13757-2, -3 (previously EN 1434-3), we will be happy to list you among the compatible device manufacturers as well! Please contact us.

Measuremente and Wiring

Dimensions [mm]

Wiring diagram

Technical Description M-Bus Protocol

The smart-me cloud shows all meter data that is send via M-Bus. smart-me adheres to the EN 13757-3 standard. Some examples for mapping the M-Bus telegram:

Examples: smart-me M-BUS OBIS Mapping

Downloads and certificate of conformity

Here you will find data sheets, quick starter guides and other documentation for this product.