Kamstrup Module

smart-me module for the customer interface of the Kamstrup Omnipower meter.

The smart-me Kamstrup module brings electricity meters to the cloud. Your customers get accurate analysis, visualisation and precise monitoring of their own energy consumption. No additional hardware is needed. The smart-me Kamstrup module uses the existing WiFi network and connects directly to the smart-me Cloud. With a professional subscription, the meter values can also be requested via the Modbus TCP interface.

Attention: The Kamstrup module needs the encryption key of the meter to be able to read out the data. This can only be provided by the energy supplier.


  • Real time visualisation of electricity consumption, accumulated meter reading (purchase and supply), various electricity rates, voltage and current through the web login and in the app. Without Pro license the readout interval is limited to 60 seconds.

  • Automatic storage of meter readings in the cloud

  • Storage and automatic synchronisation of measurement data in case of connection failures to the cloud

  • Encrypted Wi-Fi connection directly to the smart-me cloud

  • The smart-me cloud enables extensive energy data management, automatic invoicing, remote controlling and alarms

  • Easy installation using the free smart-me app available for Android and iOS


Before you can use your smart-me device, you have to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the WLAN.

  2. Download and install the free smart-me app from the App store on Android or iOS.

  3. Start the app and create a free accoun or login into an existing relevant account.

  4. Click on “Add Device” (+) and follow the instructions.

Video Installation

Unlock the Kamstrup Meter


Video Troubleshooting


00:06 LEDs do not light up

00:18 WLAN is not generated

00:59 LEDs flashing fast

01:14 LED running light

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