Kamstrup Module

smart-me module for the customer interface of the Kamstrup Omnipower meter.

The smart-me Kamstrup module brings electricity meters to the cloud. Your customers get accurate analysis, visualisation and precise monitoring of their own energy consumption. No additional hardware is needed. The smart-me Kamstrup module uses the existing WiFi network and connects directly to the smart-me Cloud. 

Discontinuation information sent in switzerland 08.08.2023.

Sales in switzerland will be discontinued as of 31.12.2023, support and cloud support will continue to be provided.

Sales outside of switzerland stopped on 1.1.2023 , support and cloud support still guaranteed.

Kamstrup module LED sequences with fault description

Most sources of error when installing a Kamstrup module can be identified with the LED sequence:


00:06 LEDs do not light up

00:18 WLAN is not generated

00:59 LEDs flashing fast

01:14 LED running light


How can I set the correction factor on the Cloud?

To set the correction factor of a module or meter, please proceed as follows:

How to calculate the correction factor?

How often data is transmitted

This can be set manually for each device. 

This can be set as follows


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